About RameNesque

adj. Of, relating to, or being a style or flavor of Japanese Ramen, characterized by;
a. Shoyu Ramen, traditional soy sauce flavor with Chashu Pork or Chicken.
b. Miso Ramen, nutty miso flavor with Chashu or Chicken.
c. Vegetarian Ramen, veggies, seaweed & Tofu. With either Shoyu, Miso or Tom Yum soup.
n. A RameNesque style of Cuisine, Flavor and Design

Chef Nikki, became a world traveler and has lived in several European and Asian countries for many years. learning the art of mastering a full range of culinary diversity through her years spent abroad. She moved back to New York and started developing a plan to open her own restaurant and create her own favorite Japanese dishes. After researching location in New York Chef Nikki saw a great opportunity to open her Ramen restaurant in Peekskill, Westchester County situated on the east side of the Hudson River.

RameNesque opened her doors in October 2013. A Manhattan Village styled Ramen restaurant with a unique interior design that fits Chef Nikki’s concept in creating a Japanese Causal Dining & Café atmosphere. RameNesque offers Peekskill a variety of Japanese cuisine, for instance homemade style Shoyu Ramen, Miso Ramen and Vegetarian Ramen. The kitchen staff makes a daily batch of soup that simmers daily for several hours. No MSG, artificial ingredients and ready made products. Only fresh produce, natural flavor enhancers such as seaweed, and love for healthy & flavorful homemade foods are allowed in RameNesque kitchen.

In May 2015 RameNesque opened her doors in Thornwood. Providing not only Japanese Ramen but also high quality Sushi, Sashimi and other natural prepared food.

Our Values

RameNesque stands for high quality food, prepared daily.
We don’t use factory mass produced frozen produce.
We don’t add MSG to our products.
We buy local produce whenever possible.
We are an equal opportunity company.
Excellent customer experience.