NY Times RameNesque review.

Japanese Cuisine, From Scratch
A Review of RameNesque in Peekskill by the New York Times

Westchester Magazine review Ramenesque

Sexton Visits RameNesque in Peekskill (and So Should You)

Westchester Magazine review Ramenesque

Let Peekskill’s RameNesque Wash Away Your Wet Winter Weather Woes

This local noodle house is serving up all-natural delights sure to warm you up and brighten your day—even when Mother Nature isn’t cooperating.


Japanese Restaurant RameNesque Opens in Peekskill

Lohud review Ramenesque

First Look at RameNesque, Peekskill

Ramen is one of those elusive dishes that can be hard to find and even harder to make yourself. So when you live outside of the East Village and don’t have three days to dedicate to cooking it, finding really a good ramen place is truly momentous.

Lohud review Ramenesque

I Eat Plants: RameNesque in Thornwood

I love me a good bowl of ramen.

Not the kind that comes in a packet for a few cents at the supermarket, but a really good bowl of ramen.

Case in point- when I was in Texas recently, I walked a mile and a half in the sweltering heat and humidity for a bowl of ramen, just because I knew it was there.  It was worth it.

Of course, that got me thinking- how about in Westchester?  Could I get a bowl of vegan ramen?

And then I go looking in my Meetup app, and I see that there’s a Meetup scheduled at the newRameNesque location in Thornwood coming up!  I wasn’t so sure I’d be able to make the Meetup, but no reason I couldn’t go check out Ramenesque on my own!

Westchester Magazine review Ramenesque

Best Ramen


1008 Main St, Peekskill 

(914) 930-1788;

Ramen is surely the global dish du jour now that Ivan Ramen has hit Manhattan and the juggernaut Momofuku, once a New York fetish, has an outlet in Sydney, Australia. Happily, the cheap thrills of ramen have penetrated as far as Peekskill, where a 10 spot will get you a deep bowl of bouncy, noodles in shoyu, miso, or tangy/hot tom yum broth. While most of RameNesque’s ramen bowls come with slices of chashu pork or chicken, they also offer a vegetarian version—and, MSG-phobes, take comfort: You won’t find any here